Sunday, September 28, 2014


I found a scan of a Notice of Public Hearing on a social network for neighborhood communities (NextDoor).

Here's the scan of the Notice of Public Hearing:

This Notice of Public Hearing was mailed out on August 22, and it concerns a new business at 9980 Horn Rd (Rancho Cordova), for training batting cages and a cafe INSIDE an existing warehouse.

The Sacramento Gun Club is moving into 3343 Routier RD (Rancho Cordova), into an existing building (an office complex that's been vacant for seven years, and used to house offices for both the State of California and the County of Sacramento). The building is owned by Fite Development Company, which owns quite a few properties in the City of Rancho Cordova.

The training batting cages and cafe are ALSO moving into an existing warehouse on 9980 Horn RD (which is in the same neighborhood of Fite Development and FITE MAY own that warehouse as well).

Interesting that this type of business would REQUIRE a Notice of Public Hearing - but NOT an indoor shooting range and gun store - within 252 FEET of an existing high school.

Concerned about the Sacramento Gun Club (an indoor shooting range - with 34 lanes, 12 of them rifle lanes - and retail gun store) moving into the Lincoln Village neighborhood on Routier RD? Within 252 FEET of George Washington Carver School of Arts and Sciences? With Lincoln Village Park and the Neil Orchard Senior Citizens Center directly across the street? And the Quail Pointe Apartments and the Mayhew Community Baptist Church just north of the Sacramento Gun Club?

If you are concerned, and if you haven't already had the opportunity, please sign our petition of protest.

Thank YOU!

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