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I attended the September 2, 2014 Rancho Cordova City Council meeting and addressed the City Council about the new Sacramento Gun Club moving into the vacant office complex at 3443 Routier RD, within 250 FEET of an existing high school

Here is the address I gave (with minor editing):

"...I live at the Quail Pointe Apartments at 3435 Routier RD in Rancho Cordova. To the north of my complex, is the Mayhew Community Baptist Church. Directly across the street is Lincoln Village Park and the Neil Orchard Senior Citizens Center. Directly south, at the corner of Routier RD and Systems Parkway, is the George Washington Carver Charter High School.

I'm here to address the City Council about the new business, Sacramento Gun Club - an indoor shooting range and gun store - moving into the vacant office complex at 3443 Routier RD.

There is a Sacramento Regional Transit bus stop for route 72 directly in front of this address, and another bus stop directly across the street in front of the park.

I'm here because I'm curious as to the thinking/reasoning process behind the City's decision(s) in approving this new business to move in. I'm curious as to why this new business was NOT discussed in either the Planning Department's Administrative Hearings, or the City Council Meetings?

I'm curious as to how this new business fits within the City of Rancho Cordova's "Strong Neighborhood" initiative.

Will the Sacramento Gun Club "improve our quality of life?"

Will the Sacramento Gun Club "increase the local homeowners property values?"

Will the Sacramento Gun Club "enhance our community?"

Unfortunately time will only tell on these facts, but the inclusion of such a business WITHOUT apprising the existing neighbors in advance, is in my opinion, not only cowardly, but also deceitful.

In the era of local governments (city, county, state) and the federal government using "transparency" as their watchword, this action by the City of Rancho Cordova approving this business to be placed in a residential neighborhood, within 1000 feet of a High School, a Senior Citizens Center, a park, an apartment complex, and a Church, seems to be the exact opposite of "transparency."

Your action comes across, in my opinion, as insensitive to the needs and the requirements of the existing neighbors. I feel betrayed by the City of Rancho Cordova by approving this business as a fait accompli to move in within 1000 feet of an existing High School.

Thank you for listening to my comments tonight. "


PLEASE, please, please attend the NEXT Rancho Cordova City Council meeting on Monday, October 6, 2014 at 5:30pm. Rancho Cordova City Hall is located at 2729 Prospect Park Drive Rancho Cordova, CA 95670.

We are NOT at the agenda (at this time).

To address the council, you will need to complete a public comment card (available at City Hall), and turn it in PRIOR to the beginning of the City Council Meeting.

You will have three (3) minutes to speak.

We (concerned citizens) look forward to seeing you there, showing solidarity in our cause. We look forward to hearing your comments.

Thank YOU!

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