Sunday, October 12, 2014


Received a Notice of Public Hearing from the City of Rancho Cordova Planning Department.

The Mayhew Community Baptist Church at 3401 Routier RD. wants to install an Electric Monument style sign.

Similar to the one just recently installed in front of the Neil Orchard Senior Citizens Center at 3480 Routier RD. (I now remember I received a Notice Of Public Hearing for that sign too.)

Oh - here's the kicker. They're (the church) zoned as Residential 5 (RD-5)!

So... in one block, you can start out as Resident 5 (RD-5), and end up zoned as Commercial/Mixed Use (for the Sacramento Gun Club at 3443 Routier RD)?

Is that the way planning is supposed to work?

Or is that just the way Rancho Cordova Planning Department operates?

Anyway, I think one electronic sign per block is sufficient.

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