Friday, October 3, 2014


The three most important things about real estate is location, location, location!

One would think that a property development company would know their own motto of location, location, location.

And that is the backbone of our protest against the Sacramento Gun Club - it's their location, location, location.

1) They are located within 252 FEET of George Washington Carver School of Arts and Sciences;

2) They are located within 252 FEET of the Lincoln Village Community Park AND the Neil Orchard Senior Citizens Center (and the swimming pool, the children's play area, the bbq area, the tennis courts...);

3) They are located within 252 FEET of the Quail Pointe Apartment complex, with its 120 units,

4) They are located close to the Mayhew Community Baptist Church,

5) They are located close to a high density of single family homes.

THIS is why we are protesting.

Last night at the Sacramento City Unified School District board meeting, more than one board member mentioned to the City of Rancho Cordova's representatives at the meeting, that it was the board's "moral imperative" to PROTECT their students.

So, please, if you haven't time yet to do so, please, please, please sign our petition of protest. Help US make history!

Thank YOU!

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