Monday, October 6, 2014


I borrowed the image from Cute Overload today.

But unlike Mr. Rat, Lincoln Village United would LIKE you to participate (please) at the Rancho Cordova City Council meeting at 5:30pm today, October 6, 2014. We are returning to Rancho Cordova City Council to address the City Council with our varied concerns about Sacramento Gun Club moving into 3443 Routier RD.

PLEASE join us. Help US make History!

Rancho Cordova City Hall is located at 2729 Prospect Park Drive. The nearest cross street is Gold Center Dr. It is just off the Zinfandel Dr. off-ramp from Highway 50.

If you would like to address the City Council, please try to be there BEFORE 5:30pm, as you need to fill out a public comments card, and TURN IT IN before the City Council meeting begins.

We would LOVE to have as many concerned citizens there for a show of public and moral support.

Again, this is for the CONTINUING protest of the Rancho Cordova's approval of the new business, Sacramento Gun Club, moving into the Routier RD neighborhood, within 252 FEET of an existing high school (George Washington Carver School of Arts and Sciences).

It is also in very close vicinity to the Lincoln Village Park, the Neil Orchard Senior Citizens Center, the Quail Pointe Apartments, the Mayhew Community Baptist Church, and a "high density" of single family homes.

Looking forward to seeing YOU there!

Thank you!

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