Monday, October 13, 2014


In the Sacramento Bee article from October 1, 2014, regarding the Lincoln Village United's protest against the Sacramento Gun Club, Tom Black, who is the project manager and partner in the owning entity, Fite Development Co., made this statement:

"... Asked about the school, which has been at the site since 2008, Black was blunt.

They were the ones who really shouldn’t have put the school up there,” he said. “That was the problem, putting the school in an industrial area..."

I have a REPLY to Tom Black (and the Sacramento Gun Club and the City of Rancho Cordova):

Dear Mr. Tom Black,

I did some research at the City of Rancho Cordova's Planning Department web site, and specifically using THEIR planning department map, I put together a list of the different zoning codes for the ONE block of Routier RD between Lincoln Village/Systems Parkway (to the south) and Vanguard/Ellenwood (to the north).

This is what our neighborhood's zoning looks like:

1. Mayhew Community Baptist Church - 3401 Routier RD.
Zoning: Residential 5 (RD-5)

2. Quail Pointe Apartments - 3435 Routier RD
Zoning: RMU (Residential Mixed Use)

3. Sacramento Gun Club - 3443 Routier RD
Zoning: OIMU (Office/Industrial Mixed Use)

4. Vacant Undeveloped Property - 3477 Routier RD
Zoning: OIMU (Office/Industrial Mixed Use)

5. George Washington Carver School of Arts and Science - 10101 Systems Parkway
Zoning: CS (Community Services)

6. Neil Orchard Senior Citizens Center - 3480 Routier RD
Zoning: Parks and Open Space (POS)

7. Lincoln Village Park - 3450 Routier RD
Zoning: Parks and Open Space (POS)H

So, Mr. Black, you WERE wrong.

This ENTIRE Routier RD. neighborhood is NOT zoned as an Industrial area. Only the Sacramento Gun Club and the adjacent vacant lot (which is also owned by Fite Development) is zoned as Office/Industrial Mix Use.

To view the entire Sacramento Bee Article from October 1, 2014, please follow this link.

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